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A wind farm can have an effect on bird populations as a result of construction activities, operation of the wind farm and decommissioning activities.

Significant bird survey work was undertaken for the original application including breeding bird surveys and vantage point surveys. These have been further supplemented with new surveys which have been on-going since September 2019. As per the original consented project, it is expected the minor amendments to the wind farm will not result in any significant effects. The footprint of the amended site is almost identical, with slight alterations to the crane pads. Therefore the additional habitat disturbance will not be significant. Additional habitat will be created through the habitat management plan which will be implemented as part of the Proposed Development.


There are no statutory designated sites for bat or ornithological interests within the site or surrounding areas, and previous work has shown the site not to be of high ecological value for bats and birds. No significant negative effects were predicted for any species, and this finding is currently being rechecked as part of the current application.

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